Many Habitats Support Many Inhabitants

Larch Sanctuary features a wealth of habitats, formed by differences in slope, elevation, aspect, moisture, soil and the amount of sunlight penetrating the upper canopy of the forest.

Six different vegetation communities provide either a temporary or permanent home to over 90 species of birds, as well as animals such as moose, white-tailed deer, fox, snowshoe hares and frogs. This section of the site introduces some of the many inhabitants of Larch Sanctuary.

Dominant Vegetation Community Approximate Area Description 
Old coniferous forest Creek banks Mature white spruce in nearly pure stands, in places.
Old mixed wood forest Creek banks White spruce, trembling aspen and balsam poplar, with associated understory bushes and herbs.
Deciduous forest Valley and ravine slopes Open stands of primarily trembling aspen, with associated understory bushes and herbs.
Riparian / aquatic emergent and submergent Oxbow area Shoreline, emergent and submergent plants around the edges of the oxbow and Whitemud Creek.
Regeneration forest (white birch) Valley A stand of almost pure white birch, with associated ground vegetation.
Meadow Valley, in loop of creek Grassy area with regenerating deciduous and coniferous trees.